[CFP] RoboCupJunior JapanOpen 2017 @ Gifu will be held in March, 2017

RoboCupJunior JapanOpen 2017 Nakatsugawa

*** Call for participation (update: 2017/02/17) ***

Main arena of "Higashimine Fureai Center",
Nakatsugawa, Gifu prefecture

Map of venue:
Please see the map

League and number of teams:
Soccer Light weight: few slots (NO AGE GROUP)
Soccer Open: few slots
Rescue Line: few slots (Only one league using Secondary’s rule)
Rescue Maze: few slots
Rescue CoSpace: few slots (NO AGE GROUP)
OnStage: few slots (NO AGE GROUP) (Only one league using Secondary’s rule)

Importand dates and Competition Schedule:
23rd Feb, 2017                    -- Registration deadline
23rd Feb, 2017                    -- Deadline of visa application documents
25th Feb, 2017                     -- Notification of acceptance
28th Feb, 2017                     -- Deadline of payment of registration fee
24th March, 2017                                -- Setup Day
25th March,                          -- 1st Game day
26th March,                          -- 2nd Game day -- Final day

This area is rural area so there are few hotels near the venue. You’d better to find hotels at Nagoya. We will inform better accommodation later.

VISA application procedure and documents:
Necessary documents for obtaining an entry visa will be sent to respective team members after confirming the payment of the registration fee.

Submission procedure:
Please download the registration from from following web site and send to international@robocupjunior.jp as attached. Also if your team needs VISA to come to Japan, send VISA application form too.

JapanOpen official Web site:
http://robocup.cci.nakatsugawa.gifu.jp (in Japanese)

Tairo Nomura, regional rep. of Japan

International division of RoboCupJunior Japan

We home many regions and teams are interested in JapanOpen
We are looking forward to see you in Japan!!



RoboCup2017NagoyaにおけるJunior参加チームの条件、および開催リーグ区分が、1月7日に大会Junior OCより次のように発表されました。

(1月7日付Regional Rep向けNews Letterより抜粋)
Changes in RoboCupJunior 2017
As you have been informed, the following changes apply to RoboCupJunior 2017 Nagoya:

  1. Maximum number of teams across all Junior sub-leagues is 190;
  2. For all sub-leagues, team size is between 2 and 5 team members;
  3. Team members have to be at least 11 years of age (as of July 1st). This means each competitor was born before or exactly on July 1st, 2006;
  4. The sub-leagues for RoboCupJunior 2017 are: Soccer Lightweight - Primary AND Secondary, Soccer Open; Rescue Line, Rescue Maze, Rescue CoSpace Primary AND Secondary; OnStage Primary AND Secondary;
  5.  The age categories apply to Soccer Lightweight, OnStage and Rescue CoSpace; the participants in Primary sub-leagues have to be 11 year-old to 14 year-old; if any member is between 15 to 19 years of age, the team is considered Secondary;
  6. The participants in all other sub-leagues have to be 11 year-old to 19 year-old;
  7. Beginning 2015, the team members of Rescue Line teams can participate in the World Championship ONLY TWICE. After the second time participating in Rescue Line, they have to move to Rescue Maze. Rescue Maze has no participation limit;
  8. Starting 2017, Soccer Lightweight team members can participate in the World Championship only twice. After their second participation, they need to move to Soccer Open.



  1. Soccer Lightweight,Rescue CoSpace, OnStageについては,ジャパンオープンのエントリーシートに,世界大会選抜された際のプライマリ・セカンダリの登録をお願いします。
  2. その登録情報に従って,選抜時にジャパンオープン参加チームをプライマリ・セカンダリで分類し,それぞれの上位から世界大会へ選抜する予定です。




日本チーム結果(入賞チームのみ)2016/07/04 23:29更新






カテゴリ    チーム名    ブロック
サッカー ライトウェイトリーグ プライマリ    れじすたんす    関東サッカー ライトウェイトリーグ プライマリ    SABA☆ROBO    九州 ※追加推薦チーム
サッカー ライトウェイトリーグ プライマリ    Crest    九州 ※追加推薦チーム
サッカー ライトウェイトリーグ セカンダリ    宗高月夜見    九州
サッカー オープンリーグ    SSS    岡山
サッカー オープンリーグ    Cat-Pot    北信越 ※追加推薦チーム
サッカー オープンリーグ    M Robots    四国 ※追加推薦チーム
レスキュー ライン プライマリ    Explorer    東海
レスキュー ライン セカンダリ    SQUARE    岐阜
レスキュー メイズ    Atlantis    関東
CoSpaceレスキュー プライマリ    Hayabusa    中丹南丹
CoSpaceレスキュー セカンダリ    Sakura    静岡
ダンス プライマリ    宙ペンギンー短い宙の旅ー    関東
ダンス プライマリ    rescuejo    関東 ※追加推薦チーム
ダンス セカンダリ    チーム Hula Girl    北信越



RoboCup2016 -- WEROB2016 Call for Participation

Dear all,

Workshop on Educational Robotics (WEROB) is held during RoboCup Symposium every year. It aims to bring together teachers, mentors, and students from schools, clubs, community centers, and educational institutions offering formal and informal educational robotics learning opportunities to students, to showcase and discuss their experiences, accomplishments, and current practices using robotics. We are looking for presentation proposals from teams, team mentors, robotics educators. Please share the call details below with teams and robotics educators from your region!

                 *** WEROB ***  
         Workshop on Educational Robotics

(an event co-located with the RoboCup Symposium 2016)

               Leipzig, Germany

                 July 4th, 2016

The use of robotics for educational purposes has been pursued for a long time and has become more and more popular every year. Several factors have contributed to such situation, including the availability of developmentally appropriate and less expensive robotics kits and individual components, as well as the proliferation of robotics competitions for the pre-university levels. As a consequence, robotics started to be incorporated into classroom lessons and has become a educational tool for teaching concepts in a broad range of areas, from electricity and mechanics to programming, mathematics, physics, etc.

In this workshop, we aim at bringing together teachers, mentors, and students from schools, clubs, community centers, and educational institutions offering formal and informal educational robotics learning opportunities, to discuss their experiences and current practices using robotics. This workshop hopes to also provide a place to share relevant projects and discuss specific technical issues that may arise in different learning setting as well as the impact of robotics in education.

Some examples of topics of particular interest to this workshop are:

- impact of educational robotics on student learning
- impact of educational robotics in the community
- school projects involving robotics
- specific use of robots to demonstrate STEM concepts
- techniques to build robots
- innovative use of sensors or new technology
- showcase of students (teams) accomplishment with robotics, especially with RoboCupJunior leagues

Types of presentations are:
- mentor/teacher presentation of their research and/or practice (20-30 min)
- students/team presentation of their accomplishment (showcase, 20-30 min)
- hands-on workshop to introduce or teach new robotics ideas/tools (1-2 hrs)

For information about past presentations/papers, visit:

Important dates:
- submissions deadline: June 10, 2016
- notification of acceptance: June 15, 2016
- submission of final version: June 26, 2016

Please, write a brief text explaining your presentation. It can be from a single page to maximum of 6 pages. All submitted papers must be written in English, in single column and following the template that you can find under "Author Guidelines" in http://www.springer.com/series/1244. Final submission should be minimum 3 pages and maximum 6 pages. We will post all accepted papers and their presentations on the RoboCupJunior website under the resources page.

Once your paper is ready to be submitted, please, send it by email directly to the workshop organizers (Amy Eguchi - amy_eguchi@bloomfield.edu and A. Fernando Ribeiro - fernando@dei.uminho.pt).

If you have registered for RoboCupJunior, you will have an access to the RoboCup Symposium and to this workshop. If you wish to present at the workshop but are not registered for RoboCupJunior or RoboCup, you need to register for the RoboCup Symposium, which will also grant an access to the co-located events such as this workshop.

The workshop organizers:
Amy Eguchi - Bloomfield College, New Jersey, USA - amy_eguchi [AT] bloomfield.edu
A. Fernando Ribeiro, Universidade do Minho, Portugal - fernando [AT] dei.uminho.pt




international [AT] robocupjunior.org